Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi


Antoni Gaudi Museum If we were in Barcelona, we had to explore the works of Antoni Gaudi. The city of Barcelona is, in some ways, a living museum to an architect who died unknown—mistaken as a homeless beggar—in 1926. The city, and every tourist to it, seems to have a severe, chronically fun case of [Read more …]

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Barcelona Spain


We loved Barcelona on our first trip. We loved it even more the second time. But despite all this love, our blogs on it will be unusually brief. And we blame it all on Barcelona. There is so much to do, and dinners are so late, that our daily schedules kept us out from 7:00 [Read more …]

Rioja Spain


We love Rioja wines but never visited the area. But since we were so close to it, we decided to take a day trip from Bilboa Spain into the town of Haro, the center of the Alta Rioja region, whose higher elevation and a climate coolor than the more inland Rioja Baja (from a combination [Read more …]

The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum


Our visit to Bilbao Spain focused primarily on Museo Bilbao Guggenheim—for the famous Geary building itself, as well as for its art.   Although building is as striking as it appeared in the pictures we have seen, it is much larger and multi-faceted than we anticipated. It is fun just walking around and through the [Read more …]

Bilbao Spain: The Traditional and the Modern


From San Sebastian, Spain we took a bus to Bilbao. This is an industrial and port town that, although it does have a small, historic, medieval Old Town, has never really made it into many tourist itineraries until it retained architect Frank Geary to design a new branch of the Guggenheim museum. We visited the [Read more …]

Summing up our Paris Adventure

It’s time to say au revoir to our almost 4 weeks of living in Paris. But we will be back. With so many places and so many blogs on Paris, we decided to create this blog that points to the neighborhoods, museums and restaurants that we talk about: Neighborhoods Marais District Île de la Cité [Read more …]

San Sebastian, Spain


The next country on our trip was Spain. And our first city in Spain was San Sebastian. Our last trip to Spain was in the pre-historic era…1980s. Frankly, we didn’t remember a lot from that trip and our photos (35 MM slides) have somehow disappeared. So it was time for another trip to see what [Read more …]

A Very Bubbly Birthday and Champagne Tasting in Reims


It has been many years since our last trip to the Champagne region of France. We would have liked (to take a few days to visit a number of small producers from around the region that we met at a recent San Francisco champagne tasting. But darn, we weren’t able to take that much time [Read more …]

Claude Monet’s Giverney


Giverney isn’t really a museum, but it may as well be. It is actually a pretty Norman town in which Monet chose to build his estate, and his now famous garden. We’ve seem the paintings that Monet painted of Giverney and have seen pictures of his beautiful garden, but we wanted to see it for [Read more …]

Paris Destination Restaurants

Wherever we travel, food is always one of our obsessions. Nowhere more so than Paris. While we have eaten at a number of Michelin star restaurants in the past, and still occasionally do so. This trip included visits to two white-tablecloth Alain Ducasse restaurants—restaurants at which we had very different experiences, and came away with [Read more …]