Exploring Sydney Darling Quarter and Darling Harbor Area

Nightly fire works 02

Sydney Darling Harbor Sydney’s disreputable Darling Harbor docks area, long in disrepute, fell into a prolonged period of disrepair as Sydney’s role as a harbor declined. It began to change in the late 1980s courtesy of a big redevelopment plan that turned the old docks into a harborside complex that is now one of the [Read more …]

Exploring Sydney Botanic Gardens, the Domain and Macquarie Street

Sydney botanical gardens 01

In the center of Sydney Australia is a huge patch of green. It originally was the colony’s first farm and a large park that was reserved for the colony’s first governor. It now consists of three primary sections: Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens The Botanic Garden which includes the site of the colony’s first farm the [Read more …]

Exploring Sydney’s CBD aka Central Business District

Sydney town hall

Sydney’s CBD is a compact section that is filled with post-mid-century buildings (after a longstanding height restriction was suspended). It evolved from mud huts of the late 18th and early 19th century to grand Victorian buildings of the mid-to-late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among the most noteworthy of the surviving structures are: Sydney Town [Read more …]

Circular Quay

Sydney Macquairie Place 02

Sydney’s Circular Quay is the birthplace of the city. At this spot in January 1788, a fleet of British ships landed the soldiers, the administrators and the convicts that composed the first permanent British contingent on this new land. The Quay still contains a few remnants of these early days. Among these are: Macquarie Place, [Read more …]

19 Sydney Museums

Art Gallery of NSW 04

We visited quite of few Sydney museums during our time in the city. Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery of New South Wales provides an overview of global art with particular collections of Aboriginal and Australian art and European art from the 15th century, including a handful of Impressionist paintings and Picassos. It [Read more …]

Sydney Australia

We’ve been in Sydney twice before. We enjoyed it so much these trips that we decided to spend more time in the city. And we have seen and heard so much about the city’s New Year’s celebration that we decided to spend that time around New Year’s Eve. So here we are: After a month [Read more …]

Hunter Valley Wine Region

From Mudgee, we continued to the Hunter Valley wine region. This hot valley with its long growing season is the largest, most well-known wine region in New South Wales. It is especially known for its semillions, its big, juicy shirazes and its dessert wines. We normally dislike Semillons, which we have found too citrusy and [Read more …]

Mudgee Wine Region, New South Wales Australia

Mudgee clock tower

So far, we have visited multiple Australian wine regions so far in multiple states South Australia: Barossa Valley Adelaide Hills McLaren Vale Coonawarra Victoria: Mornington Pennisula Yarra Valley Tasmania Southern Tasmania Tamar Valley Mudgee Wine Region As we made our way into New South Wales Australia, of course we needed to check out the wine [Read more …]

Canberra Australia

Canberra National Portrait Gallery

On our way from the Yarra Valley to the Hunter Valley wine regions, we made a brief overnight stop to Canberra (“Canbra”).. Designed specifically as Australia’s capital, Canberra isn’t so much a city as it is an artificial creation to showpiece buildings, museums, open parks and monuments. It was agreed upon in 1901 (and “opened [Read more …]

Beechworth, Victoria Australia

Beechworth 02

Beechworth is an 1850-era gold mining town (and 21st century wine and tourist town) that was our last stop in Victoria before crossing into the country’s capital of Canberra and the southeaster coastal state of New South Wales. The town, overlooks a gorge and a riverbed with an eight-foot deep, 450 yard “trailrace” (a ditch [Read more …]