Chumbe Island: A Beautiful Eco Island

No one would ever accuse us of being beach people. Joyce tends to seek out shade when the sun is shining (too many years of sunburns and sunstroke in her earlier years before good sunscreen was standard) and both Tom and Joyce like to be continually moving versus sitting.  Yet, tell us that we can [Read more ...]


The very name is exotic, as it should be. This group of islands off the east coast of Africa is now part of Tanzania. This, however, was a relatively recent political alignment as the islands had long been under the yoke of foreign powers.

It has been a major regional trading center for more than [Read more ...]

Ngorongoro Crater and Highlands

We left the Northern Serengeti for the second and final stop of our Tanzanian Safari experience–the animal-filled Ngorongoro Crater.

Exploring the Southern Serengeti—By Air

To get here, we flew from Kogatende to Lake Manyara. The flight took us over the totally different Southern Serengeti and the Crater itself. The southern section of the park, over [Read more ...]

Masai Mara National Park

The border between Tanzania and Kenya Africa was only about five miles from our safari camp, marked, at least at our location, only by a concrete post on a dirt trail. As you cross this border, you leave Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) and enter the southernmost realms of Masai Mara Park (Kenya).

The [Read more ...]

Continuing in the Serengeti

As we continued in the Northern Serengeti, we wanted to see many of the animals that we had seen on previous safaris, as well as some of the animals that we had not previously seen in the wild.

Visiting the Big Cats

After experiencing the wilderbeests, the big cats were our second priority. Although we [Read more ...]

Serengeti National Park

After four days in Rwanda, our next stop in Africa was Tanzania and the Serengeti. Our Coastal Airlines 14 passenger Cessna prop plane took us from Kigali Rwanda, over the large, irregularly shape Lake Tanganyika, making 2 short stops en route on dirt runways (one for us to get our visas and one to pick [Read more ...]

Trekking with Gorillas

Like most people, we have seen gorillas in zoos multiple times. Each time, we look at them in awe. We still remember the “Planet of the Apes” movies and when we look at gorillas caged up, we wonder what they are really thinking and how they feel in a cage. Going to Rwanda and seeing [Read more ...]

Rwanda: Land of Hills, Farms and Gorillas

We had last been in Africa in 2003 when we visited South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was our first safari experience and an incredible trip (and before we started writing a blog). We decided that it was time to revisit this wonderful continent and to see new things. This is the first of [Read more ...]

Retirement – Another Great Adventure

I  (Joyce) first retired in 2006 when Tom and I sold our company. That lasted a mere 4 months until I became a COO-for-hire and—to my amazement—found numerous firms that wanted to pay me to do this job. Although I worked for multiple companies between then and now, I ended up spending the majority of [Read more ...]

A Weekend of Sex, Bondage and Other Assorted Debauchery


An interesting weekend. Folsom Street Festival weekend is always an interesting time in San Francisco. This weekend, we doubled our sexual voyeuristic fun by coupling a visit to the festival with a tour of the San Francisco Armory, which is now the headquarters for San Francisco’s X-rated entertainment business.

The Folsom Street Fair, [Read more ...]