Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan

2016-05-15 06.07.03

Greenfield Village is Henry Ford’s tribute to the rural America of his youth, mixed in with tributes to a number of people and places that he particularly admired. The 90 acre “village” contains many historic homes, factories and working farms, plus opportunities to hear stories of the lives of Ford and many others and to [Read more …]

Exploring the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan


As we left Ann Arbor Michigan, we drove to Dearborn Michigan. Why? Our primary objective was to visit three primary venues of the huge “The Henry Ford” historical complex: Henry Ford Museum, which displays a number of national treasures and mementos (such as the bus in which Rosa Parks staged her protest and the Ford’s [Read more …]

Ann Arbor Michigan

Caulder -= Splotchy

As we left Chicago, we started driving towards Detroit/Dearborn Michigan. On our way was Ann Arbor Michigan. We decided to stop there for an afternoon and evening to see what it had to offer—in addition to sports–since we had never been there and, in all likelihood, would never be that way again. We had two [Read more …]

Chicago, Illinois

424 West St. James Place

Our last Illinois stop on this trip was to our very old home Chicago–a city that we try to visit every couple years. Since we have already written and provided pictures of many of the neighborhoods and sights that we normally visit, we won’t repeat it all here. Instead, we will just provide an overview [Read more …]

Springfield, Illinois


Despite having lived in Chicago, Illinois for five years in the 1970s, and having visited the city every two or three years since, we have never been to Springfield Illinois. We committed to overcoming this gap in our travels on a recent trip to the area by driving between Louisville and Chicago. The primary reason [Read more …]

Columbus Indiana: An Unexpected Architectural Mecca

fire station

How did a small, 45,000-person town in southern Indiana attract most of the world’s leading architects, landscape designers and artists to design about 50 world-class buildings, parks and public art pieces? And how did this city ever pay for such masterpieces? We had been here many year ago and wanted to refresh our memories as [Read more …]

Louisville Kentucky (and Frankfort Kentucky) Restaurants and Hotel

Louisville Restaurants We had a chance to eat at four Louisville restaurants (excluding the pick-up meals at the Derby). Two of these were on Restaurant Row (Bardstown Road) and two were downtown. We can’t say that we were especially impressed by any of the four. However the food here was waybbetter than the food we [Read more …]

Kentucky Bourbon Country


The Frankfort Kentucky area is the center of Kentucky Bourbon Country, with dozens of the state’s 100+ distilleries, including most of the of the oldest and most historic “member distilleries”—including Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace. We visited, toured and tasted at two of these: Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace. While the [Read more …]

A Peek into Kentucky Bluegrass Horse Country


The area between Louisville and Lexington Kentucky (in which Frankfort is roughly in the center) is more than history. It is also the center of Kentucky Bluegrass county—home to more than 450 horse farms, more than 90 Saddlebred farms (on which show horses are raised and trained) and over 250,000 horses. These farms produce some [Read more …]

Innovative Thai-Italian Fusion Dinner

The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF) sponsored an amazing, eight-course feast at Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom, a stylish Thai-Italian restaurant in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. The innovative “fusion” cuisine blends Thai and Italian ingredients and techniques to create dishes including: Larb Brussels Sprouts Fritti with salty and sour dressing; [Read more …]