St. Petersburg Florida as Art Capital

Dali Museum - Discovery of America

We recently spent a few days in St. Petersburg Florida. We last visited the city in 2011 and were pleasantly surprised by the concentration of arts venues in the downtown. We found the same this time, especially the: Dali Museum, with its large, highly representative collection which includes dozens of pictures representing his many styles, [Read more …]

Highlights of the South Pacific Islands: From Polynesia to Micronesia in Two Months


Two months is barely enough time to scratch the surface of traveling through a huge, spread-out and diverse region that consists of hundreds of inhabited islands, thousands of uninhabited islets and hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean. Transportation is challenging. Some destinations are served by only one or two flights per week and [Read more …]

Corregidor Island, Phillipines


At the end of our Manila trip to the Philippines, we took a day trip to Corregidor Island. This is the largest and most strategic island in Manila Harbor. As one of the four fortified harbor islands, it had the most formidable defenses, with 42 large coastal guns and mortars, 72 anti-aircraft guns, a large [Read more …]

Manila Philippines

fort santiago 01

Manila Manila, the largest city and capital of the Philippines has only a small percentage of the population (1.8 million) of the metro area of about 13 million. However, it seems to have about 20 million cars—all of which are out at the same time causing immense traffic jams. Manila is not a tourist mecca. [Read more …]

Koror Island in Palau Micronesia

The island of Palau is the coral capital of Micronesia. The island’s lagoon and its ledges are known particularly for the drift diving and the pelagic fish of its famed Blue Hole and its Blue Corner wall dive. This being said, many of the island’s scenic coral gardens and colorful, tropical reef fish are also [Read more …]

Snorkeling in Palau, Micronesia


We primarily came to Palau Micronesia to snorkel and to experience some beautiful water scenery. We took two all-day kayaking and snorkeling tours by Sam’s Tours. These took us through, around and under two of ecologically richest stretches of the 200+-island Rock Island chain of uninhabited islets. These tours focused on different bays within the [Read more …]

Chuuk Island’s Historic WWII Sites

Japanese school 01

Chuuk Island WW II Sites on Land Our last blog talked about Chuuk Island’s underwater WW II sites. But a lot of relics still remain on the land. The above-ground sites, many of which were destroyed of damaged by U.S. bombs during the two days (February 17 and 18) of “Operation Hailstone”. Weno Island sites [Read more …]

Chuuk Island, Micronesia

fishing boat ruin outside hotel

Chuuk Island, also known as Truk Island is a relative spec of a Micronesian island that played a big role in World War II. Captured by the Japanese shortly after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, it served as a major Japanese Naval base through most of the war. Then, in 1944, it became the [Read more …]



Travelling between places in the South Pacific is not easy. After leaving the Goreka Festival in Papua New Guinea, our next destination was Chuuk Island in Micronesia. But as they say in New England, you can’t get there from here. Chuuk Island only has 2 flights a week and neither were a direct flight from [Read more …]

Exploring Goroka, Papua New Guinea


We spent most of our time in Goroka (Papua new Guinea or PNG) at the Goreka Festival (see our 2 blogs on this colorful event) . While there, however, we also had time to explore the streets and to explore a few of the city’s and the region’s sites. J.K. McCarthy Museum The J.K. McCarthy [Read more …]