Paris Museums: Rodin Museum, Baccarat Crystal Museum

Rodin – Jean d’aires, reduction 01

Rodin Museum The Musee Rodin’s main building, the Hotel Biron, where Rodin lived, is now undergoing a much-needed renovation. Even so, the chapel and the garden, which contain many of Rodin’s sculptures, remains open. The current exhibition begins with an overview of the artist’s training—including his failing of the entrance exam to Ecoles des Beaux [Read more …]

Paris Museums–Sewers and L’Orangerie


Paris Sewer System Museum (Musée des Égouts) The depths of a major city sewer system, with water flowing under your feet, may seem like an unusual subject and location for a museum. But Musée des Égouts has been a popular site for years. After walking several stories below ground, you reach the section of the [Read more …]

Paris Museum of Modern Art and National Museum of Asian Art

Picasso – L’Enterrement de Casagemas

Musee d’Art Moderne The Musee d’Art Moderne is located in the Palais of Tokyo, which was built in 1937 for the International Exhibition of Arts and Technology. Although awkwardly organized (with numbered galleries often not aligned with the time periods or artistic styles that they represent), is still a gem. It generally offers significant numbers [Read more …]

Paris Museums: Picasso Museum


For over 4 years, we have been waiting to visit Paris’ Musee Picasso since it was closed for massive renovation—a renovation that was so massively over schedule and over budget that the museum’s director was fired. This trip, we finally got our chance. It was well worth the wait—despite the fact that we had to [Read more …]

Paris Museums: Pompidou Center


Paris has amazing museums and going to museums there is one of our favorite activities. Although we don’t go to every museum on every visit, this 3.5 week trip gave us much more time than usual to explore many new ones, as well as returning to a number of our favorites. There are so many, [Read more …]

Navigating the Louvre


The Louvre in Paris is probably the single greatest art museum in the world. It is certainly the largest (652,300 square feet) and has the largest collection (more than 300,000 pieces, of which only about 10 percent are displayed). We recognize that it has some of the most important masterpieces in the history of Western [Read more …]

Exploring Paris: Other Neighborhoods

Pantheon 03

Saint-Germain-des-Prés On our last trip to Paris, we took a guided walking tour of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Although we didn’t feel a need to rewalk the neighborhood, we always welcome an opportunity to revisit the fun, pretty neighborhood and made a few stops: The Pierre and Marie Curie Museum which, as discussed in our Paris Museum post, [Read more …]

Exploring Paris: Fasubourg St-Honore to Place Madelleine

old shopping mall 02

Although neither of us are shoppers—and certainly not luxury shoppers—we do enjoy an occasional stroll through the areas in which the other half (or more likely the other 1-5 percent) do shop. We began with a leisurely walk through what used to be the high-end, colonnaded specialty shopping arcade of the Palais Royale but is [Read more …]

Exploring Paris’ Islands: Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis


Paris has two noteworthy islands in the middle of the city. Île de la Cité, the first settled area of Paris, is still the most historic and one of the most monumental. Île Saint-Louis, right next door, is one of the most charming. This trip, we revisited a couple of our favorite sites on the [Read more …]

Wandering Around Paris’ Marais Arrondissement

Our square

Every one of our Paris trips has ended too soon. This time we decided to rectify the situation by staying longer. Although we’ve enjoyed the Marais since we first began to explore it many years ago, our last two trips included two different tours of the Marais. This time we decided to make it our [Read more …]