A Tale of Two Pop Up Dinners in San Francisco

2015-04-18 19.32.11

When it rains, it pours. We were recently enticed by two San Francisco pop-up dinners the weekend of March 18, 2015. We could not resist the menu for the Saturday Wild Kitchen dinner. Although we were initially less intrigued by Hog & Rocks Junju Korean BBQ menu, we decided to join some friends anyway. Neither [Read more …]

The Market Street Art Renaissance in San Francisco


Our last blog post on the renaissance in San Francisco’s mid market examined the explosion of the housing supply. This blog examines its emergence as an arts district. Just as the previous blog was inspired largely by a walking tour by the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, this is inspired by another event, the Market [Read more …]

Bouquets to Art 2015


Gardens aren’t the only place to see beautiful spring flowers. Now, during the DeYoung Museum’s 31st annual Bouquets to the Arts festival, some of the most beautiful blooms are indoors-complementing some of the museum’s most beautiful pieces of art. This year, more than 100 of the Bay Area’s most talented floral designers have [Read more …]

The Glories of Growers Champagne

You would love to celebrate a special event with a nice French champagne, but are intimidated by the nosebleed prices of the most popular brands. Relief may be on its way, thanks to the efforts of Champagne de Vignerons, a syndicate of about 5,000 small, mostly family-owned wineries authorized to label their Methode Champenoise wines, [Read more …]

The San Francisco Mid-Market Housing Renaissance

SF Hall

This is the first of a two-part series of articles on the transformation of San Francisco’s traditionally rundown and economically depressed Mid-Market neighborhood (the section of Market Street between the Union Square shopping district and City Hall). This article focuses on the neighborhood’s commercial and especially housing renaissance. The following blog will be on its [Read more …]

Pigging Out in Sonoma

Joyce has her hands full

The third weekend in March is a great time to be in Sonoma County–especially if you are looking to put on a few pounds. This is, after all, the time for two of our favorite, well established (10th and 9th annual, respectively) weekend-long celebrations of food and wine–both to which we are return visitors. [Read more …]

Discovering Provence Rose Wine

We generally don’t gravitate to rose as a wine choice. We may taste rose wine when we are at a winery and the person pouring the tastes says “but our rose is different and you have to try it”. Since we are tasting wines, we may try it. But I can’t think of a single [Read more …]

Meet Me in San Francisco: Meet me at the Fair

2015-02-21 Fair pictures 02.37

Sure, we have heard, and even had read a bit about San Francisco’s 1915 World’s Fair: the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, or PPIE. We knew that it prompted the reclamation and development of what is now the Marina district (that area that suffered many destroyed buildings in the 1989 earthquake because it was built on landfill [Read more …]

Alcatraz: Ai Wei Wei and More


Been to Alcatraz lately? It has been more than ten years since we visited and toured the island even through it is almost right outside of our back door and we see it daily from our windows. Although we certainly enjoyed our initial tour, we didn’t really feel a need to return. That was [Read more …]

Colon to Panama City


All good things must come to an end. After 7 days on our boat the Sea Lion, we were at the end of our journey though Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. We started by exiting the canal (and our boat) at Colon, Panama and made our way to Panama City by land. Colon, Panama. [Read more …]